Ten Cool Giveaways For Tech Trade Shows

Trade shows in the technology industry are some of the most exciting events each year. Industry giants wait for the largest trade shows to announce new software, hardware, and incredible new innovations that are just on the horizon. Between keynote addresses and product announcements, attendees have a chance to wander the immense exhibit halls full of vendors showing off their newest wares and giving away cool prizes. Any attendee can expect to leave a tech trade show with a bag or two full of giveaways. Here is a look at ten cool giveaways for tech trade shows.


Giveaway #1: This may be an old one, but it has been around forever for a reason. Giving away t-shirts and other apparel immediately makes a fan into an advertisement, giving them an opportunity and excuse to talk about their favorite brands with others on the street.
Giveaway #2: Most tech conferences give each attendee a bag to put their giveaways and swag into, but unless the attendee takes it back to the hotel to empty it out each day, they are likely to run out of space quickly. Giving away bags will ensure that every attendee stops by the booth.
Giveaway #3: Giveaways at tech trade shows often target the attendees themselves and what they want and need right then. Lanyards that are provided at the start of the convention often break, and providing a lanyard with the company brand is often a relief to an attendee who doesn’t want to lose his day pass to the exhibit hall.
Giveaway #4: Branded items of all sorts quickly fill up an attendee’s bag. Pens, pencils, magnets, or anything that can hold the company’s name will make it into an attendee’s hands and soon to their friends and family.
Giveaway #5: Being a tech conference, attendees are sure to appreciate good quality tech accessories as well. A new laptop bag, mouse pad, or even an LCD screen cleaner imprinted with a brand’s logo is a smart move.
Giveaway #6: Trips are hazardous to all sorts of mobile devices, and losing a charger is definitely top on the list. A universal charger or a USB battery pack will save the day for an attendee.
Giveaway #7: In a mobile society, people always need more space to hold their information. Flash drives with free software or product demos will be snatched up by any enterprising attendee.
Giveaway #8: Many pieces of software come with an expensive subscription service. By giving away a trial subscription to a number of attendees, any business may come away with new customers when the subscription expires.
Giveaway #9: Any fan would love to have the signature of the programmer, author, designer, or lead developer. Books, posters, and other items can be signed to increase their value.
Giveaway #10: Giving away small branded items gets an attendee to stop by, but raffles for large prizes will get attendees to stick around for a full presentation and enjoy more time at the booth. Mobile devices such as the Kindle, Nook, or an iPad will draw a crowd to watch the giveaway.
Tech conferences are a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Coming home with bags full of exciting giveaways extends the experience and encourages the attendee to come back year after year.