Five amazing MMORPG games for the iPhone

The iPhone’s iOS, is an incredibly capable operating system for mobile devices that has proven to be suitable for gaming. The number of people now looking to play games with their iPhone is constantly increasing, and as a result more developers are starting to focus on creating MMORPG for this particular device.

Although there is quite an impressive list of massive multiplayer online role-playing games that are made for the iPhone, not all of them are worth investing a lot of time or money in. However, there are those that are amazing in terms of gameplay, graphics and story. There are many great round ups in different blogs if you’re looking for a good, free, MMORPG list of games. The following are the top five mobile MMORPGs that we suggest checking out:

Aralon – Sword and Shadow:

This is an outstanding MMORPG for the iPhone. There are many hours of gameplay to keep players occupied, as well as a vast fictional world to explore. Characters are customizable and players can choose from several classes and races. While completing quests and side-quests, players will find many great items, including ingredients and weapons. Characters can learn various skills and even join a faction. This is one game that no fan of role-playing games will want to miss.

Zenonia 2 – The Lost Memories:

The entire Zenonia series is great, but the second game of the series stands out from the others. Players can choose from four characters and will have to guard the seal of Ladon, but eventually have to restore peace by using the Tree of Life. The game has many great RPG features, such as quests and skill trees, but there are also the classic MMO elements like PvP. However, it can also be played in a single-player mode.

Pocket Legends:

This is a co-operative RPG that is requires players to create a unique character and then complete missions to advance to higher levels. There is a lot of dungeon crawling involved, as well as side-quests for players to embark on. Although it is meant to be played co-operatively with others, it is also possible to go solo or compete competitively against others players in modes like Arena PvP or Caputer-the-Flag PvP.

Haypi Kingdom:

In this persistent online multiplayer RPG game the player will take on the role of a general and take over directing a kingdom. The goal is to explore new lands, increase resources and build a strong army to fight against enemies so that ultimately the kingdom will be the strongest in the game’s fictional ancient world. There is a lot of interaction with other players and it will be necessary to fight to the top against others from all over the world. However, not all players will be foes. It is also possible to create alliances, chat, trade and mail with other players.

IMO – The World of Magic:

Players will love the action and battles of this game. Everyone has to choose their own realm to control and then participate in battles with other realms.

All five of these games will deliver a great MMO role-playing experience that is sure to keep any player captivated for many hours. Just like any MMORPG for the computer, players will be impressed by the many modes of play, such as player vs. environment, player vs. player and co-operative, as well as the customizable avatars, skill sets to learn and graphics. Overall, it is highly recommended to play these amazing games to the end and take full advantage of what the iPhone has to offer in terms of gaming.