Dropped Your New iPad Mini? Here’s How To Fix Your Screen!

Dropping your iPad mini can leave the screen damaged, and in these situations, people panic and go out and purchase a new one. However, what if new information told you that you were throwing your money away? What if there was a method where you could save some money? Lucky for you, there now is something that can save you a fraction of the money that you would pay for a new iPad mini altogether. There are iPad mini repair centers around the country that can fix it up real good for cheap, and even if you can’t find one in you neck of the woods, many let you mail it in and they mail it back to you in one piece! However, if you’re a craft person, you can take matters into your own hands!


Here’s how to fix your screen:
Know the parts needed: Knowing the parts needed can save you money because you will not spend extra money on a package for parts that you do not need. For example, if you have cracked your screen, the most likely thing you will need is a new digitizer and not an LCD screen. Keep in mind that different iPads are going to require different dimensions for a digitizer, so be careful before you buy anything.

Here are some tools that you need to fix your screen:
Mini Screwdriver
Metallic Pry
Plastic Pry
Roll of Electric Tape
iPad Clips Replacement Set
Step #1 Remove The Protective Plastic:
This is the plastic layer on the iPad screen that is plastic and supposed to protect the screen.

Step #2 Insert Metallic Pryer Into Edge Of Front Panel:
The goal of this step is pry open the front panel.

Step #3 After Pried Open:
After you have pried open the front panel, you will notice that there are a couple ribbons holding the screen in place. Release the ribbons.

Step #4 A Cable And Electric Tape:
There is a cable that is connecting the two panels of your iPad. You release that cable and then remove the electrical tape, then the two panels will come apart. The LCD should be released after this step.

Step #5 After The LCD Has Been Released:
Once you removed the damaged digitizer, you will take your new digitizer and put it in place of the old digitizer.

Step #6 Using The Metallic Clips:
The metallic clips should be screwed in during the assembly and this will help with holding the new digitizer in place. You also want to take your electrical tape and place it around the edges of your iPad.

Step #7 Knowing By The Length Of Two Cables:
You should know by the length of the cable, where and how to position the two cables.

Step #8 Connect The Split Ribbon Cables:
Once you have completed this step, give yourself a pat on the back. You have just fixed your iPad screen yourself.

The first time is always the most difficult because you do not know what to expect, but once you have figured out the process it becomes much easier. The important thing is to stick with it, and you will succeed. REMEMBER! Do this at your own risk, if you break it you pay!