Ten Cool Giveaways For Tech Trade Shows

Trade shows in the technology industry are some of the most exciting events each year. Industry giants wait for the largest trade shows to announce new software, hardware, and incredible new innovations that are just on the horizon. Between keynote addresses and product announcements, attendees have a chance to wander the immense exhibit halls full of vendors showing off their newest wares and giving away cool prizes. Any attendee can expect to leave a tech trade show with a bag or two full of giveaways. Here is a look at ten cool giveaways for tech trade shows.


Giveaway #1: This may be an old one, but it has been around forever for a reason. Giving away t-shirts and other apparel immediately makes a fan into an advertisement, giving them an opportunity and excuse to talk about their favorite brands with others on the street.
Giveaway #2: Most tech conferences give each attendee a bag to put their giveaways and swag into, but unless the attendee takes it back to the hotel to empty it out each day, they are likely to run out of space quickly. Giving away bags will ensure that every attendee stops by the booth.
Giveaway #3: Giveaways at tech trade shows often target the attendees themselves and what they want and need right then. Lanyards that are provided at the start of the convention often break, and providing a lanyard with the company brand is often a relief to an attendee who doesn’t want to lose his day pass to the exhibit hall.
Giveaway #4: Branded items of all sorts quickly fill up an attendee’s bag. Pens, pencils, magnets, or anything that can hold the company’s name will make it into an attendee’s hands and soon to their friends and family.
Giveaway #5: Being a tech conference, attendees are sure to appreciate good quality tech accessories as well. A new laptop bag, mouse pad, or even an LCD screen cleaner imprinted with a brand’s logo is a smart move.
Giveaway #6: Trips are hazardous to all sorts of mobile devices, and losing a charger is definitely top on the list. A universal charger or a USB battery pack will save the day for an attendee.
Giveaway #7: In a mobile society, people always need more space to hold their information. Flash drives with free software or product demos will be snatched up by any enterprising attendee.
Giveaway #8: Many pieces of software come with an expensive subscription service. By giving away a trial subscription to a number of attendees, any business may come away with new customers when the subscription expires.
Giveaway #9: Any fan would love to have the signature of the programmer, author, designer, or lead developer. Books, posters, and other items can be signed to increase their value.
Giveaway #10: Giving away small branded items gets an attendee to stop by, but raffles for large prizes will get attendees to stick around for a full presentation and enjoy more time at the booth. Mobile devices such as the Kindle, Nook, or an iPad will draw a crowd to watch the giveaway.
Tech conferences are a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Coming home with bags full of exciting giveaways extends the experience and encourages the attendee to come back year after year.

Dropped Your New iPad Mini? Here’s How To Fix Your Screen!

Dropping your iPad mini can leave the screen damaged, and in these situations, people panic and go out and purchase a new one. However, what if new information told you that you were throwing your money away? What if there was a method where you could save some money? Lucky for you, there now is something that can save you a fraction of the money that you would pay for a new iPad mini altogether. There are iPad mini repair centers around the country that can fix it up real good for cheap, and even if you can’t find one in you neck of the woods, many let you mail it in and they mail it back to you in one piece! However, if you’re a craft person, you can take matters into your own hands!


Here’s how to fix your screen:
Know the parts needed: Knowing the parts needed can save you money because you will not spend extra money on a package for parts that you do not need. For example, if you have cracked your screen, the most likely thing you will need is a new digitizer and not an LCD screen. Keep in mind that different iPads are going to require different dimensions for a digitizer, so be careful before you buy anything.

Here are some tools that you need to fix your screen:
Mini Screwdriver
Metallic Pry
Plastic Pry
Roll of Electric Tape
iPad Clips Replacement Set
Step #1 Remove The Protective Plastic:
This is the plastic layer on the iPad screen that is plastic and supposed to protect the screen.

Step #2 Insert Metallic Pryer Into Edge Of Front Panel:
The goal of this step is pry open the front panel.

Step #3 After Pried Open:
After you have pried open the front panel, you will notice that there are a couple ribbons holding the screen in place. Release the ribbons.

Step #4 A Cable And Electric Tape:
There is a cable that is connecting the two panels of your iPad. You release that cable and then remove the electrical tape, then the two panels will come apart. The LCD should be released after this step.

Step #5 After The LCD Has Been Released:
Once you removed the damaged digitizer, you will take your new digitizer and put it in place of the old digitizer.

Step #6 Using The Metallic Clips:
The metallic clips should be screwed in during the assembly and this will help with holding the new digitizer in place. You also want to take your electrical tape and place it around the edges of your iPad.

Step #7 Knowing By The Length Of Two Cables:
You should know by the length of the cable, where and how to position the two cables.

Step #8 Connect The Split Ribbon Cables:
Once you have completed this step, give yourself a pat on the back. You have just fixed your iPad screen yourself.

The first time is always the most difficult because you do not know what to expect, but once you have figured out the process it becomes much easier. The important thing is to stick with it, and you will succeed. REMEMBER! Do this at your own risk, if you break it you pay!

Can You Get Prosecuted For Unlocking Your iPhone?

Can you get Prosecuted for unlocking your iPhone? The answer is that it depends on when you bought your iPhone and of course, what country you live in. In the United States, The Library of Congress, who is the governing body responsible for determining the exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) reversed its earlier decision by removing the personal cell phone exemption, making it illegal for the first time since 2006.

The DCMA prohibits the circumvention of copyright protection measures. Previously the Library of Congress had determined that because unlocked cell phones were not widely available to the public, it was deemed important enough to allow consumers to circumvent copyright protection in order to do so. However, in its most recent decision the Library of Congress stated that with more companies offering unlocked cell phones, it was no longer necessary for consumers to unlock cell phones themselves. The declaration was made on October 26, 2012 and took effect 90 days later on January 26, 2013. Phones that were purchased before January 26th are a part of a “grandfather” clause and are unaffected by the ruling. Unlocking phone purchased after that date is currently illegal in the United States and doing so can theoretically bring a fine of $2,500 for personal use or $500,000 or jail time for a commercial operation. If someone would actually be persecuted for jail breaking their own cell phone, it seems unlikely as enforcement would be extremely difficult.

The ruling has no effect on jail breaking or rooting devices, which is different than unlocking. Unlocking your phone is accessing the certain system files to allow the phone to work for carriers that it was not designed to work with when it was sold to the consumer. Most phone carriers work off of one of two networks, either GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or CDMA (Code Division Mobile Access) and phones are designed in their hardware to work off of one of these two systems. So in theory, any phone that is sold by a carrier that uses the CDMA system, such as Sprint, should work with any other carrier that uses that network, such as Verizon. What prevents this is system files that are typically put on the phone by phone companies before selling them to consumers. Without an unlocked phone your iPhone will only work with the carrier that you bought it from, even after your contract with that company has expired, unlocking allows you to switch your phone to another carrier on the same network. No amount of hacking or unlocking will allow a phone to switch from a CDMA to a GSM network. Recently more and more carriers have been offering unlocking phones, or to unlock the phones once the contract is completed. This was the justification used by the Library of Congress to make unlocking illegal.

5 Great iPhone Apps To Better Manage Your Money

There is nothing more fulfilling than managing your money whether on the move or at the comfort of your house. In today’s economy where an appropriate investment can turn you from a pauper to a millionaire, you do not want to miss out on the greatest investment opportunity. The iPhone is a great revelation that comes in handy when you want to keep track of your personal finances. Here are the 5 best iPhone applications to help you in better management of your money.

Bloomberg mobile
More like the Bloomberg terminal, this mobile application is on the forefront when it comes to provision of impressive money management features. With Bloomberg in your iPhone, you will be able to receive the latest business news, developments, descriptions of interesting companies, analysis on price charts and trends. This app can be classified as one of the best iPhone apps since whenever you change the orientation of the phone, chart are aligned such that they fit the screen appropriately.

Being a long term personal finance leader management, Mint.com iPhone app offers the most efficient and user friendly budgeting tools. It is used to conveniently connect your bank account and optimize your budgeting program as well as categorize expenditures. You are able to enter pending cash transactions on the go therefore account will always be up to date. In addition, this application enables you to keep track of your expenses and budget your money efficiently.

Mortgage Calculator Free
There are a couple of mortgage calculators in Apple’s iTunes store yet Mortgage Calculator Free stands out from the rest due to its simple user interface. This application has multiple mortgage options that are available at your disposal making it easier to acquire your dream house. Another important feature is that it can be used to configure both monthly and yearly mortgage fees including home mortgage and private mortgage insurance. It can also be used to calculate property taxes as well as their paid installments. Mortgage Calculator Free is an essential application to both users: those who want to purchase a house or those who simply want to know how mortgage works out.

PayPal, one of the largest money management sites can now be available for use as an application for your iPhone. This app allows you to check balances, send money and receive money from any location. You can also create or manage online fundraising campaigns through the PayPal donate functionality. The app’s split bill feature is convenient in that not only does it allow you to dine out with friends but it also comes with a tip calculator. It supports 16 different currencies and has a secure password feature to ensure maximum protection against fraud.

Pageonce money and bills
Pageonce is an all-in-one application that allows you to connect your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, loans, travel reward programs and cell phone minutes in to a single secure system. With this application, you get a complete overview of all your accounts making it easier to manage them disregarding your location.