5 Great iPhone Apps To Better Manage Your Money

There is nothing more fulfilling than managing your money whether on the move or at the comfort of your house. In today’s economy where an appropriate investment can turn you from a pauper to a millionaire, you do not want to miss out on the greatest investment opportunity. The iPhone is a great revelation that comes in handy when you want to keep track of your personal finances. Here are the 5 best iPhone applications to help you in better management of your money.

Bloomberg mobile
More like the Bloomberg terminal, this mobile application is on the forefront when it comes to provision of impressive money management features. With Bloomberg in your iPhone, you will be able to receive the latest business news, developments, descriptions of interesting companies, analysis on price charts and trends. This app can be classified as one of the best iPhone apps since whenever you change the orientation of the phone, chart are aligned such that they fit the screen appropriately.

Being a long term personal finance leader management, Mint.com iPhone app offers the most efficient and user friendly budgeting tools. It is used to conveniently connect your bank account and optimize your budgeting program as well as categorize expenditures. You are able to enter pending cash transactions on the go therefore account will always be up to date. In addition, this application enables you to keep track of your expenses and budget your money efficiently.

Mortgage Calculator Free
There are a couple of mortgage calculators in Apple’s iTunes store yet Mortgage Calculator Free stands out from the rest due to its simple user interface. This application has multiple mortgage options that are available at your disposal making it easier to acquire your dream house. Another important feature is that it can be used to configure both monthly and yearly mortgage fees including home mortgage and private mortgage insurance. It can also be used to calculate property taxes as well as their paid installments. Mortgage Calculator Free is an essential application to both users: those who want to purchase a house or those who simply want to know how mortgage works out.

PayPal, one of the largest money management sites can now be available for use as an application for your iPhone. This app allows you to check balances, send money and receive money from any location. You can also create or manage online fundraising campaigns through the PayPal donate functionality. The app’s split bill feature is convenient in that not only does it allow you to dine out with friends but it also comes with a tip calculator. It supports 16 different currencies and has a secure password feature to ensure maximum protection against fraud.

Pageonce money and bills
Pageonce is an all-in-one application that allows you to connect your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, loans, travel reward programs and cell phone minutes in to a single secure system. With this application, you get a complete overview of all your accounts making it easier to manage them disregarding your location.