5 Amazing Medical Apps On The Market Today

We live in a world where smart phones, iPads, Facebook and Twitter play an integral part of our everyday lives. This new technology is also becoming a vital tool in the medical field. Below is a list of five apps that are changing the way doctors, nurses and health officials are tracking disease, diagnosing patients, and taking care of the ill.


1. MappyHealth
mappyMappyHealth is a website that tracks health-related tweets. The app is designed to help national, state and local health agencies track outbreaks of illness and other health concerns. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) awarded Charles Boicey and Brian Norris $21,000 for the design of MappyHealth. The ASPR developed the contest after health officials across the country expressed the need for a social media app to help track disease. The website MappyHealth.com is currently in beta.

2. ResolutionMD
resolutionmdResolutionMD is a free app that allows doctors to view CT scans and X-rays on their iPhone or iPad. The app is a simple concept. And why would a doctor make a diagnosis based on a small image on their iPhone? Sometimes doctors can’t always be at the hospital to make the time sensitive calls. ResolutionMD allows doctors to make calls in emergencies when they are en route to a hospital. But is it safe for a doctor to make the tough calls on their iPhone? According to a study at the University of Calgary, doctors can determine how to treat strokes using an app with nearly the same accuracy as when they use the diagnostic tools in a hospital.

3. DrawMD
drawmdHaving surgery can be a scary experience for a patient. DrawMD may sound like some sort of fun game. In reality, it’s a useful visualization tool — a useful app that can help improve a surgeon’s bedside manner. The free app allows doctors to illustrate through computer graphics exactly what specific surgeries require. Imagine a football commentator outlining the moves of the players after a big play.

4. Medical Assisting Pocket Guide
pocketguideBeing a medical assistant is not an easy job. You are expected to help out with many facets of the health profession. From taking a patient’s blood pressure to remembering complicated insurance codes to memorizing complicated legal jargon, how does a medical assistant keep everything straight? Look no further than the Medical Assisting Pocket Guide. If you are currently working to earn your medical assistant certificate, this app will become a great tool while you study. The Medical Assisting Pocket Guide app is a great way for every medical assistant to have what he or she needs at his or her fingertips and is available for the iPhone or iPad for $9.99 at the iTunes app store.

5. Visible Body 2

Medical students and Grey’s Anatomy have been synonymous since the dawn of medicine TV. But now medical students can leave the giant book behind for Visible Body 2. This 3D human atlas contains over 3,400 structures and views. The iPad & iPhone apps are available at the iTunes store for $34.99.