4 Great Mobile Apps That Can Make You Smarter!

The modern world, with it’s 24/7 activity and constant multitasking is distracting. There is no agreement as to whether or not smartphones and other electronic devices rot brain cells. However, neuroscientists have discovered that multitasking can negatively affect short term memory by creating a state of chronic distraction.

Though we do not know how smartphones and technology negatively affect cognition, It may be possible to exercise your brain and enhance your memory and thinking. Conveniently, there are dozens of mobile apps to help make you smarter, and here are 4 mobile apps that will help you learn more, improve your vocabulary, and challenge your brain to make you smarter.


This brain training app is composed of 10 brain games designed and created with the help of neuroscientists to boost fluid intelligence, working memory, visual attention and executive function in only minutes a day. The games are fun, challenging and addictive, which should keep you coming back every day. Luminosity offers a free version which allows for a few lessons, but a monthly or yearly subscription is required for full access.


Inspiro seeks to stimulate your imagination by pushing you to draw inspiration from randomly generated phrases and concepts. Three different “chapters” can help break a writer’s block by helping you generate fresh concepts. The Muse chapter generates random phrases. The DayDream Machine chapter spits out concepts that you can spark conversations with. The Scenario chapter generates random scenarios and is great for acting exercises, playwriting, and any number of artistic projects. It can be purchased for $2.99.


This is a great app for exploring different subjects because it puts the powerhouse of information of the TED network on your smartphone. With this app, you can listen to lectures, watch videos and read articles produced by accomplished intellectuals from around the world. The content is searchable by topic and author, so you can learn about everything from the latest biotechnology to international relations. This app is free.

nytNY Times Crosswords:

This app offers all the popular NY Times Crossword puzzles in one spot. Will Shortz’ mind challenging puzzles are sure test your knowledge and vocabulary. If you think you can handle more, this app allows you to race to complete the puzzle against the top players. The application itself is free, but to play you need to either purchase a NY Times subscription, or buy a puzzle pack. However, the app provides a starter puzzle pack, which includes 9 puzzles, for free.

Even if you are a skeptic convinced that your memory and attention will be fine no matter how much you multitask, these apps are fun. So, check them out of you’re looking to challenge your brain and make yourself smarter. If you aren’t? Check them out anyway and let yourself be entertained.